Compliance Management Solutions

Product Partnerships is uniquely positioned to help firms who offer their customers and employees consumer credit facilities

We offer our services in two ways;

A firm becomes an Appointed Representative of Product Partnerships. We then take responsibility for ensuring the firm acts compliantly. They don't need to report data to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or pay fees to them; all communication with the FCA is done by Product Partnerships. Click on the Appointed Representative tab for more information.

A firm is Directly Authorised by the FCA and reports directly to them supplying data through the FCA Gabriel system. The FCA oversees the firms compliance procedures to ensure they are following their rules and guidelines. Product Partnerships uses its expertise and vast knowledge to ensure firms correctly report information and by following our processes and procedures they remain compliant at all times.

Our online system has all the processes and procedures needed whichever route is taken, keeps your data secure and encrypted, and can be reviewed remotely by our compliance specialists so you're never on your own.