Meltwater/Financial Promotions

Meltwater/Financial Promotions

The FCA have strict rules on how a financial promotion should be presented to a consumer and have re-emphasised this by re issuing the financial promotion case studies.

Financial promotions are how firms communicate financial services and products to consumers. These promotions are often published in many forms such as on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), websites, as well as other media formats. They can significantly influence a consumer’s decision when choosing a financial product or service, so, it is vital that financial promotions comply with set rules. Promotions have to be clear, fair and not misleading, regardless of the media used.

PPL has introduced Meltwater media matching reports into our monthly oversight for our Appointed Representatives. Meltwater is an online platform that provides media intelligence solutions for companies so they can make better, more informed decisions based on the insights it provides in real time. The results will be communicated to the client along with the steps on how to display a compliant financial promotion.

What should a financial promotion look like?
Where finance is advertised, the Individual promotions should include:

  • The company name that is displayed on the Financial Services register
  • A full postal address
  • The correct permissions disclosure
  • A Representative example where applicable
  • A Representative APR where applicable

We will be issuing the reports over the coming weeks but if you would like more information in the meantime, please contact