Explore how we can help with your compliance

We take three approaches: Appointed Representatives, Directly Authorised and full or limited FCA applications.
Explore how we can help with your compliance

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Phillip: so when you think about what we do Tim and how best described, it is simplified by describing ourselves first of all as an outsourced compliance company and we help our clients in one of three ways: the Appointed Representative, and the Directly Authorised firms, as well as full and limited permission applications, are generally the sort of three approaches we have, depending on our clients needs. I mean Tim, talk to us about some of the Appointed Representative clients we;ve onboarded over the many years...

Tim: yeah thank you, Phillip. Yeah ultimately we take a very consultative approach when we talk to a new client. We explain the different pros and cons of both approaches and we decide what feels right for them and how they want to move forward as a business.

Ultimately if they want to go down the road of being an Appointed Representative, we at PPL take responsibility of the principle and we then carry out extensive due diligence to make sure that that client fits that model. But I know you've done a lot of work around the Directly Authorised approach and perhaps you want to discuss that in a bit more detail?

Phillip: yeah I think it's interesting the Directly Authorised firms that we have on our books. Again this tailored solution approach, it seems to work well. So at one end of the spectrum we've got a lighter touch and we'll just offer training and support services and we call it PPL Training Pro and they can access our ELearning library to educate their relevant personnel within the organization.

Those packages range then all the way through to PPL Expert and PPL Expert is our top level package where we go way beyond just training. We're offering support and solutons for complaints handling, for financial promotions sign of policies and precedencies and the regulatory business plan which is quite a complex document which needs bringing alive within the business.

So there's a real range of services even within the Directly Authorised firms and again I think what's important is albeit some of our services are offered through a Service e as a system aSaaS based solution where they login to our portal, again it's very important to us that we have our account management team that assist with bringing that alive within the business.

So I think beyond that we have often had a lot of applications or support that's needed for our clients applications for both full and limited permissions and that's benefited a lot of our clients over time, hasn't it Tim?

Tim: absolutely, key is understanding what the requirements are and the type of activity they're going to carry out, so that will determine fundamentally whether it's a full permissions or a limited permissions application. We also get involved in carrying our variations of permissions as well, and if we look at all those approches, key for us is making sure it's a quality application, it's professional and it provides everything the FCA should need to process that application and make that decision on whether they will approve it or not.

Phillip: yeah so I think in summary really, those three services that we offer our clients, we advise them on the best solution for them and their needs because it's not immediately obvious.

How we can help your business

Use our experience and expertise in retail compliance to help you meet your business goals and remain compliant with ever changing FCA regulations

Become an appointed representative

As an Appointed Representative you don't need to report data to the FCA or pay FCA fees and we take responsibility for your compliance

  • We fully audit the compliance of your business
  • You operate under our permissions and we report to the FCA on your behalf
  • We work with you to put all practices and processes in place
  • We mystery shop your business to ensure compliance
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Let us help you become directly approved

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We support you all of the way through the approval process
  • We audit and mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • You have access to our expertise and experience at all times
  • You have full control of your approach to compliance
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We can help you through the approval process

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We have been through the FCA the approval process hundreds of times
  • You use our expertise and experience to guide you through the process
  • You have access to our other consultancy services should you require them
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Compliance consultancy and training

Use our experience, expertise and tools to check how compliant your business is or to address any training needs

  • We can do a full complaince audit of your business
  • We can mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • Use our online training system to keep your workforce compliant and up to date
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