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From just Nigel and Tim, to a fully account management team, PPL has grown significantly over the years.
Discover our brand story

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Phillip: so when you think where we came from Tim, it's been quite an exciting journey, I mean you must have quite a few stories to tell about that...

Tim: I am very proud of the journey we've been on. I think back to the early days, when Nigel and myself were in a tiny little office, sharing a desk together to where we are now, and the clients we've managed to work with, I am really proud of that journey. It must have been something that excited you when you first joined as well Phillip?

Phillip: yeah I mean I am kind of the newest member of the board, you know the passion that came across from you and Nigel, I'd describe PPL as this boutique family business that behaves in a corporate fashion but really cares about it's clients and it's client's needs.The fact that every member of our team knows our clients by name and the teams behind our clients as well.

But the three of us are very different, the synergy seems to be there. I mean that must have benefited the business over time when I think about how different Nigel's skill set is to yours Tim?

Tim: I think it's important with any team, you've all got different strengths and weaknesses and how you gel together makes a massive difference to the journey you go on as a business. Something I've always been really passionate about is exceeding customer expectations.It might sound corny, but how we interact with our customers and how we offer a tailored solution to their needs is something that really sets us apart from the competition

Philip: yeah it's something I am really passionate about as well, knowing who our clients are is really key. We've added to the account management functionality as we know, got a head of account management and looking at other recruits as well to enhance that personality and that service because compliance doesn't have to be complicated for me and it only becomes complicated when you lose that personality.

So I think it's important to have these tailored solutions and you've always talked with a lot of passion about having these sort've bespoke tailored solutions for clients haven't you Tim?

Tim: yeah very much, it's something I really believe in and how we engage with out client and how responsive we are to their needs and how we deliver on our promises is something that's always resonated with me throughout my career, no matter what sector I've worked in.

How we can help your business

Use our experience and expertise in retail compliance to help you meet your business goals and remain compliant with ever changing FCA regulations

Become an appointed representative

As an Appointed Representative you don't need to report data to the FCA or pay FCA fees and we take responsibility for your compliance

  • We fully audit the compliance of your business
  • You operate under our permissions and we report to the FCA on your behalf
  • We work with you to put all practices and processes in place
  • We mystery shop your business to ensure compliance
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Let us help you become directly approved

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We support you all of the way through the approval process
  • We audit and mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • You have access to our expertise and experience at all times
  • You have full control of your approach to compliance
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We can help you through the approval process

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We have been through the FCA the approval process hundreds of times
  • You use our expertise and experience to guide you through the process
  • You have access to our other consultancy services should you require them
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Compliance consultancy and training

Use our experience, expertise and tools to check how compliant your business is or to address any training needs

  • We can do a full complaince audit of your business
  • We can mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • Use our online training system to keep your workforce compliant and up to date
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