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Phillip and Tim discuss PPL's growth into new sectors and the client wins that enabled it.
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Phillip: one thing all our clients have got in common, is they operate through three channels, so online, traditional bricks and mortar and more of an omni-channel approach. They offer their goods and services and use consumer credit to facilitate the purchase of them for the customers, and that's were PPL come into play.
We've got a huge strength now in retail consumer credit and that's developed really since the early days of motor hasn't it Tim?

Tim: it has, in the early days motor was our sole focus and still an exceptionally important part of our client base, working with franchise dealers and dealer groups including used car supermarkets like Motor Depot. But more recently we've started working with a number of other clients including manufactures such as Hyundai, Aston Martin & Lotus. It's certainly led to a growing reputation which has led to other opportunities in other sectors.

Phillip: yeah that's interesting I mean we've developed further as you know Tim into lifestyle and fitness.
predominantly these retailers are online, they offer a mixture of products such as interest free credit, interest bearing and buy now pay later and that's allowed us to access client such as Brompton, Peloton, Pure Electric and Vahar, very innovative retailers that are growing rapidly. But equally that's allowed access into bigger online retailers which I know you'd been fundamental to haven't you Tim?

Tim: yeah online retailers has been a significant opportunity for us and grown with a number of very well established and household names in the UK such as EBay and Google. But interestingly, it's also allowed us to support other clients with employee schemes such as National Grid. Finally, tech has become a big opportunity also with clients such as Sony, Lenovo, Motorola and LG.

Phillip: so again experts in retail compliance serving the motor sector, technology sector, the lifestyle and fitness sector and more recently the furniture sector but importantly, some very large brand names and online retailers.

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