Appointed Representative

Applying to become an Appointed Representative of Product Partnerships (PPL) requires detailed due diligence and if you are succesfully approved we work alongside you to ensure the consumer receives the same level of service as if you were a Principal firm.
Appointed Representative

Applying to become an Appointed Representative

An Appointed Representative can act in the same way as a directly authorised business: advising customers, completing finance proposals, advertising finance and receiving commission. As an Appointed Representative of Product Partnerships for consumer credit activities, you can still choose your finance provider, subject to our due diligence checks & approval, the firm being correctly authorised and complying with all FCA regulations.

However, you still have to ensure the consumer is at the heart of how your business operates and a director or senior manager will become an Approved Person with responsibility to ensure your firm acts within the FCA rules and guidelines. Our compliance monitoring programme will ensure this happens which includes detailed audits and inspections to ensure the consumer is affored the same level of rigor as a Principal Firm.

If you would like to know more about being an Appointed Representative of PPL, get in touch and we will talk you through the application process. We do have a stringent application process, but if you have a robust, well run business with the necessary resources and a clear, well-structured operation, subject to meeting our and the FCA’s criteria, we’ll get you set up and able to offer credit facilities as soon as we can.

Appointed Representatives - the benefits

Appointed Representatives - the benefits

  • It is important we assess why you wish to apply to be an Appointed Representative
  • The Appointed Representative regime is a great route for firms launching new products and services or entering new markets, developing firms towards becoming Directly Authorised
  • You do not have to apply directly to the FCA for authorisation
  • You do not have to report data to the FCA through its RegData system
  • You do not pay FCA fees
  • PPL takes responsibility for your regulatory conduct and supplies the necessary systems, processes and compliance programmes to ensure you always remain compliant
  • You benefit from our best practice, experience and knowledge
  • You have all the support needed to ensure your sales and complaints processes are compliant
  • Your staff are fully trained

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Whether you want to apply to become an Appointed Representative or be directly authorised by the FCA, Product Partnerships (PPL) can support you with the regulations and compliance oversight required. Contact us now to help identify the risks and assess what you need to make sure you're FCA compliant.

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Directly Authorised

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We support you all of the way through the approval process
  • We audit and mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • You have access to our expertise and experience at all times
  • You have full control of your approach to compliance
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FCA Applications

We use our extensive experience and detail knowledge of the forms, process and detail required to successfully complete the process with a positive outcome

  • You retain control
  • Use our expertise to navigate the process efficiently
  • We are always here to provide assistance if needed
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