Our Expert
Compliance Services

We support our clients and Appointed Representatives in delivering compliant customer journeys ensuring good customer outcomes.
Our Expert
Compliance Services

How we can help your business

Use our experience and expertise in retail compliance to help you meet your business goals and remain compliant with ever changing FCA regulations

Become an Appointed Representative

As an Appointed Representative you don't need to report data to the FCA or pay FCA fees and we take responsibility for your compliance

  • We fully audit the compliance of your business
  • You operate under our permissions and we report to the FCA on your behalf
  • We work with you to put all practices and processes in place
  • We mystery shop your business to ensure compliance
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Let us support you in what's needed to be Directly Authorised.

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We support you all of the way through the approval process
  • We audit and mystery shop your business to ensure you remain compliant
  • You have access to our expertise and experience at all times
  • You have full control of your approach to compliance
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We can help you through the approval process

Being directly approved by the FCA is a popular choice amongst our customers giving them full control but having the security of our support

  • We have been through the FCA the approval process hundreds of times
  • You use our expertise and experience to guide you through the process
  • You have access to our other consultancy services should you require them
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We help firms who offer their customers and employees consumer credit facilities

Product Partnerships (PPL) compliance services support you to remain compliant when offering customers credit facilities. We make sure you’re correctly authorised and have the required procedures and processes in place. A non-compliant business runs the risk of being fined, censured or even having to stop regulated activities. Fines and censures can be brought against individuals as well as the business.

Product Partnerships (PPL) is a Principal firm so if you don't want to become directly authorised, we can, subject to certain criteria, appoint you as our representative instead. Even if you're currently directly authorised, you can switch to Appointed Representative status if the burden and risk of direct authorisation is not right for your business.

The cornerstone of the FCA's regulatory approach is their Principles for Businesses and notably their principle regarding Treating Customers Fairly. All regulated businesses must adhere to these principles and be able to demonstrate and evidence they have complied with them. Click here to see the FCA’s Principles for Businesses and Treating Customers Fairly outcomes.​

Being compliant will need systems and controls to be in place, staff to be trained, a robust compliance monitoring programme and the fair treatment of customers to be at the heart of what you do.

With our ongoing support, we will enable you to have processes in place that makes your business compliant and delivers a first class customer service through a highly trained and knowledgeable team.

The PPL Difference

We believe in making compliance simple for you and your customers and have developed a wide range of services and products to fit your needs. Whatever retail sector your business is in our experienced team will make sure you have the tools, support and processes to meet your needs.

Whether you are a directly authorised Principal firm, wish to apply to become an appointed representative of PPL, or need to use our experienced team to submit an application to the FCA, PPL is the right choice for your retail compliance needs.


FCA Regulation

We will work with you to decide the best route for your business to achieve compliance with FCA regulations

Compliance Monitoring Programs

We design compliance monitoring programs that are tailored to risk and our clients needs.

Compliance Audit

We carry out a comprehensive audit to identify areas of strength and opportunity

Award Winning Expertise

We are proud to have been recognised within the compliance industry for our expertise and the service we provide

Account Management

Our dedicated account managers work with you to make sure you get the service you deserve

Online Training & Tracking

We have developed comprehensive but simple to use online tools for training your workforce and tracking all the items required by the FCA
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Can you say yes?

  • Have you registered for FCA RegData (Gabriel) reporting and do you have the necessary management information to comply with all FCA rules and guidelines?
  • Are you aware there is an alternative to direct FCA authorisation by becoming an Appointed Representative?
  • Do you have the Compliance Programme, systems and controls in place to ensure you are compliant?​
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