Directly Authorised Firms

You may decide that being directly authorised by the FCA is the best route for your business. We use our experience and expertise to help you navigate the authorisation process.
Directly Authorised Firms

What does it mean to be Directly Authorised by the FCA?

Being Directly Authorised by the FCA is a route that many of our clients decide to take. It can be better for businesses who need to perform certain regulated activities and it gives you greater oversight and control internally.

But getting authorised can be confusing and a difficult process if you've not done it before so we use our vast experience and expertise to guide you through the stages in the most efficent manner.

And post authorisation we can continue to work with you as your outsourced compliance team to ensure that you keep up to the standards expected by the FCA. We can even manage your annual submissions to the FCA required by law using the RegData system.
Benefits of being Directly Authorised

Benefits of being Directly Authorised

  • You are directly authorised by the FCA
  • We will control FCA RegData (Gabriel) submissions.
  • Extensive support from a wide range of consumer credit specialists.
  • Tailored solution aimed at improving your regulatory health
  • Our expertise and experience to navigate the authorisation process
  • We can continue to support you making sure that you remain compliant
  • Making sure your employees keep up to date with FCA training
  • Treating Customers Fairly is at the heart of your process and is demonstrable
  • Complaints are managed and reported on

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Whether you want to apply to become an Appointed Representative or be directly authorised by the FCA, we take the hassle out of compliance. Contact us now to help identify the risks and what you need to make sure you're FCA compliant.

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Other Services

Appointed Representative

As an Appointed Representative you don't need to report data to the FCA or pay FCA fees and we take responsibility for your compliance

  • We fully audit the compliance of your business
  • You operate under our permissions and we report to the FCA on your behalf
  • We work with you to put all practices and processes in place
  • We mystery shop your business to ensure compliance
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FCA Applications

We use our extensive experience and detail knowledge of the forms, process and detail required to successfully complete the process with a positive outcome

  • You retain control
  • Use our expertise to navigate the process efficiently
  • We are always here to provide assistance if needed
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