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..and we will work with you so you not only remain compliant but deliver the excellent service your customers deserve

There is no more important stakeholder in your business than your current and future customers. Treat them fairly and give them excellent customer service and they will come back to you time and again and refer new customers to you.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also sees putting the consumer at the heart of the way you do business as a key part of being a compliant, customer focused business.​

There are many requirements to ensure you deliver a successful, FCA compliant customer service strategy:

  • A compliant Sales Process focused on ensuring the most suitable product is purchased
  • Information is clear, not misleading and customers have sufficient time to review it
  • Management Information that allows you to carry out reviews of your sales and customer service processes so you can react quickly if changes are needed
  • Customer feedback processes to ensure you know what your customers think about the products and after-sales service you offer
  • An effective complaints handling process so if things do go wrong, you can make sure they are put right quickly​
  • Staff training so you have the right people in the right jobs to deliver an excellent compliant customer service.

Product Partnerships can help you put all this in place so you not only remain compliant but deliver the service your customers deserve and successfully grow your business.